Dr Paul Cummins Speaks at the 2022 National Manufacturing & Supply Chain Conference

July 22, 2022

The National Manufacturing & Supply Chain Conference & Exhibition took place on the 25th & 26th of May in RDS Simmonscourt and Dr Paul Cummins, Managing Director, SeaChange Ltd. was invited to speak at this national event. Paul’s speaking topic was “Measuring and Leading Safety Culture Growth in the Manufacturing Domain”. Paul’s experience and qualifications as outlined below demonstrate his ability to speak effectively on this important topic.

Paul has a BA and MSc in psychology, and an MBA where his research focus was on ‘leading staff safety-behaviour change through lean engagement practices’. Paul’s MBA thesis was published as a book in 2011: “The Effectiveness of Health & Safety Communication Practices: A Qualitative Investigation of the Effectiveness of H&S Communication Practices through Engagement.”

In 2014 Paul completed his PhD in Organisational Leadership. Paul’s research led to key insights on understanding, measuring, and positively impacting Safety Culture within the workplace. Paul’s psychology and business qualifications have led to extensive experience working with a range of professionals in enhancing their safety performance through practical and behavioural means.

During his speaking engagement, Paul introduced the SeaChange Safety Culture Growth Model© and outlined the 5 Phases of growth for organisations over time. Paul presented how measuring the core attitudes that lead to unsafe behaviours in the workplace (based on theoretical knowledge and evidence-based research) is the key starting point to position your organisation and subsequently grow safety culture over time.

Paul then examined ways in which organisations can increase safe behaviours in the workplace through engagement methods, transparent communication and establishing real local ownership from the ground up. To conclude, Paul presented real-world case study examples of a best practice behavioural intervention leading to improved safety culture results in the manufacturing domain.

It was a great event and I was delighted to speak on such an important topic that affects global manufacturing organisations.

– Dr Paul Cummins, Managing Director SeaChange Ltd.

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