How SeaChange’s Innovative Systems Improve Your Safety Culture

October 28, 2022

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At SeaChange, we think outside the box. We understand that for safety culture to grow successfully, each member of your workforce needs to feel connected to the safety message.  

Traditional health and safety systems fail to address this basic need, instead focusing on paper-based methods that have proven ineffective.  

SeaChange provides alternative safety solutions: innovative systems that resonate with your workforce, help guide your organisation’s safety culture journey, and ensure a return on your investment. 

Our cutting-edge systems are a combination of expert consultancy and digital applications, carefully developed with two core principles in mind:  

  • People are typically highly visual, best understanding and absorbing information through images, diagrams, graphics, shapes, colours, demonstrations, and performances, i.e. visual presentation elicits a stronger response. 
  • We learn best through active participation in relevant tasks. 

SeaChange’s unique safety solutions employ visual, practical, user-friendly digital tools to encourage staff engagement and maximise retention. 

Our health and safety systems are focused on four key areas of occupational safety within industries and organisations: 

All four of our systems are digital and intended to complement the existing safety systems within your organisation. They integrate with your existing safety processes, working to amplify their effectiveness, empower the workforce, develop leaders, and engage the individual with the safety message.  

SeaChange Systems

Our Slip, Trip, and Fall Prevention System

Slip, trip and fall incidents are the most common cause of injury to staff and customers in high-footfall, public-facing sectors. Daily management and routine maintenance by staff are crucial. It is achieved by establishing consistent housekeeping standards, habits and behaviours. Our Slip, Trip and Fall Prevention System engages the workforce and ensures effective management. 

CAYGO©, which stands for ‘clean as you go’, is a best practice approach to housekeeping standards, hazard identification and safety management. Our customisable, user-friendly application enables clients to identify key risk zones in their business sites and schedule CAYGO check intervals to mitigate the risk of slip, trip and fall in those zones. 

CAYGO checks are designed to be fulfilled by any staff member, enabling participation by all members, and take only 30 seconds to complete. Our system employs automated scheduling to maintain consistency throughout the day, ensuring no scheduled CAYGO checks are missed.  

Our system also verifies the physical presence of the Staff Checker at each checkpoint and provides automated reporting on a daily, weekly, monthly and annual basis to track leading safety KPIs. 

Every slip, trip and fall hazard addressed is a potentially costly accident prevented. Our Slip, Trip and Fall Prevention System improves staff housekeeping standards and reduces the frequency and cost of slip, trip and fall accidents, incidents, claims and insurance penalties. 

Our Safety Check and Inspection System 

Safety checks and inspections allow businesses to routinely check that their workplace and work activities are healthy and safe; however, many businesses do not routinely complete safety checks and inspections, leaving them exposed to hazards, accidents and costly claims. Companies that do complete checks and inspections operate on a paper-based system, which can and will be cheated. 

SeaChange created a digital, interactive Safety Check and Inspection System that enables organisations to construct and complete bespoke checks and inspections, ensuring their organisation is safe for their staff and customers. 

Our system works on a user-friendly application that is entirely customisable to the requirements of your business and enables digital check and inspection completion by any staff member.  

This ensures that your staff is engaged in maintaining operational procedures at predetermined intervals while automatically reporting on compliance and key corrective actions. 

SeaChange’s Safety Check and Inspection System helps organisations to identify hazards as well as processes that aren’t working efficiently, allowing proactive preventive measures to be taken to avoid future accidents and incidents.  

Unlike paper-based systems, our system is environmentally friendly and engaging. It drives safe habits, tracks compliance, guarantees completion, provides automated reporting, mitigates the risk of workplace accidents, and reduces claims and insurance costs. 

Our Risk Awareness System

Effective communication of primary risks, controls and safety standards in local areas of operation is an essential part of any risk management structure.  

Most organisations communicate important safety messages in linear, text-heavy ways – an ineffective method that results in diluted safety standards, unsafe behaviours, and poor safety culture.  

SeaChange’s innovative Risk Awareness System empowers organisations to create highly visual, bespoke training tools that connect best practice safety standards with their workforce and meaningfully communicate key safety messages.  

Our digital system allows Health and Safety Managers, Facility Managers, Operations Managers and Safety Representatives to easily and quickly capture, input and store critical safety information in a personalised ’smart library’.  

This critical safety information is then extracted to create efficient Job Safety Awareness (JSA©) Visuals – bespoke tools that visually communicate risk in local areas of operation. 

Easy to create and quick to complete, our JSA Visuals promote safe behaviours for any safety theme or standard in local areas of operation.  

This digital solution provides automated push and exception reporting, operational efficiencies, and significant cost savings while supporting and maintaining staff safety behaviours.  

Our JSA Risk Awareness System is efficient, convenient, smart and user-friendly. It is designed to simply communicate local risks, controls, safe behaviours and best practice standards to increase staff awareness.  

The effectiveness of our Risk Awareness system is reflected in market-leading client results:  

  • 80% increase in staff engagement with local safety standards 
  • 65% increase in safety culture KPIs 
  • 50% reduction in lost time incidents 

Our Safety Ownership System

Organisations that proactively foster a sense of ownership and accountability for safety standards and behaviours in their workplace achieve the most consistent and sustainable safety culture performance over time. 

Our ground-breaking Safety Ownership System is people-focused, interactive, behaviour-based and user-friendly. It is designed to facilitate local safety ownership, risk prioritisation, safe behaviours and personal accountability to reduce the risk of injury in the workplace and transform safety culture in a simple and meaningful way. 

Through a localised and digitised process, staff members are encouraged to prioritise risks and action safety correctives routinely across shift patterns.  

We help organisations to establish a living feedback forum through the development of local Safety Action Teams (SAT©), wherein staff are empowered to take the initiative and ultimately grow their ownership and accountability of local safety standards and behaviours.  

We provide System Champion training and Account Management support to ensure the Safety Ownership System is implemented effectively and works over time. 

Most organisations adopt the traditional approach of emphasising lagging safety indicators (near misses, incidents, accidents). Our Safety Ownership System enables organisations to be proactive by implementing a structure to track leading safety indicators across shifts effectively.  

Organisations using our Safety Ownership System begin to facilitate leading indicators from the ground up, thus achieving and sustaining safety culture excellence over time. 

Why Choose a SeaChange System? 

SeaChange’s digital systems are accessible, meaningful, impactful, and always tailored to fit the needs of the organisation. Simple, reliable and effective, they inspire active participation, consistent engagement and individual accountability from the ground up.  

All four of our innovative systems enable performance tracking, provide measurable results and facilitate workplace safety, reducing the risk of accidents, incidents, and injury. SeaChange’s Health and Safety Systems form the bedrock of safety culture transformation within your organisation.  

Contact SeaChange today to begin your Safety Culture Journey and see a tangible return on your investment. 

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