Westpark Fitness Shines in their 2022 Safety Culture Audit

December 5, 2022

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Westpark Fitness is a leading fitness business in the Irish Sports and Leisure sector. They are naturally proactive when it comes to building a positive working culture and care about safeguarding the welfare of their staff and customers.  

When it came to risk management and health and safety, Westpark Fitness knew that simply ticking the safety compliance box was not going to engage their workforce or make a difference in reducing incidents and managing rising insurance costs.  

Therefore, the senior leadership team decided to be proactive and focus on managing the safety risks and hazards within their control in their high-footfall business. They knew that to achieve this, they needed to focus on improving safety culture and safety behaviour, not just compliance.  

Westpark Fitness partnered with SeaChange five years ago to embark on a safety culture journey, reduce the likelihood of accidents and claims, and manage rising insurance costs. 

“I knew I had to be proactive in managing risk throughout our high-footfall fitness business. I wanted to bring health and safety to life in our business so that our people felt accountable for their own safety and for the safety of our customers.  

We engaged with SeaChange, who are experts in providing Safety Culture solutions, and we have seen significant safety performance as a result.”  

Kevin Doyle, General Manager, Westpark Fitness

After determining the client requirements, SeaChange provided Westpark Fitness with three solutions to help improve Safety Culture and reduce the likelihood of incidents for both staff and customers:   

  1. Safety Culture Partnership  
  1. Slip Trip & Fall Prevention System 
  1. Safety Check & Inspection System 

1. Safety Culture Partnership  

Westpark Fitness received a site-specific risk assessment, key safety compliance, a visual risk awareness system and champion training to help lead safety culture onsite.  

The partnership also included access to the SeaChange client portal to log proactive safety KPIs on a routine basis, report on safety performance, and improve defensibility in the event of an accident.  

Each site receives the SeaChange Safety Culture (SABRE©) Audit annually to benchmark performance and to continuously improve safety management. 

2. Slip Trip & Fall Prevention System 

Westpark Fitness was zoned into six areas, provided handheld devices, and received champion training in how to run the CAYGO© Slip Trip and Fall Prevention System on a daily basis.  

This system works on a user-friendly application that enables the workforce to schedule customised CAYGO check intervals to routinely mitigate the risk of slip, trip, and fall across the site. The system uses automated scheduling to maintain consistency throughout the day while ensuring that no scheduled CAYGO checks are missed.  

All staff are engaged in the process, which only takes 30 seconds per CAYGO check, and NFC tagging qualifies the location, ensuring that the Staff Checker was physically present.  

3. Safety Check & Inspection System 

Daily and weekly safety checks – formerly done on paper at Westpark Fitness – were transferred into the digital Safety Check and Inspection application.  

The system uses NFC tagging and customised scheduling to ensure quality data is automatically recorded whilst performing checks and inspections on a routine basis.  

This innovative system ensures that Westpark Fitness staff are engaged in maintaining operational procedures at predetermined intervals, while automatically reporting on compliance and key corrective actions. 

Westpark Fitness has separated itself from the herd by partnering with SeaChange and investing in safety culture systems that target the main risk factors in the Sports and Leisure sector.  

In consequence, the company has experienced a significant return on its health and safety investment, including increased workforce engagement, increased compliance, improved safety audit scores, reduced lost time incidents, and insurance cost savings.  

One of the main KPIs demonstrating the positive and proactive safety culture journey at Westpark Fitness is their annual safety culture audit scores; which have steadily improved year on year since 2017.  

SeaChange SABRE™ Safety Culture Audit Overview 

As part of their partnership with SeaChange, Westpark Fitness receives the SeaChange SABRE™ Safety Culture audit annually to benchmark performance and to continuously improve their safety management.  

The SeaChange SABRE™ Safety Culture audit is an unannounced, on-site safety culture service delivered by a SeaChange safety expert. This unique audit assesses both safety compliance and safety behaviours to provide an accurate measure of overall safety culture performance and expected future trends.  

The audit’s proprietary scoring system reflects the SeaChange Safety Culture Growth Model which ranges from 1 (unaware) to 5 (proactive). Evidence illustrates that a high SABRE™ Safety Culture audit score reflects a lower level of risk exposure, resulting in fewer accidents, incidents and consequential claims.  

This numeric insight provides proactive and high-scoring client organisations with crucial leverage to manage insurance costs into the future.  

The SeaChange SABRE™ Safety Culture audit provides a comprehensive picture of site safety culture and enables sector benchmarking so that organisations can continue to improve their risk management and safety standards over time. 

“Westpark Fitness have set themselves apart by investing in safety culture systems that target the main risk factors in the Sport and Leisure sector. Kevin and his team continue to improve their safety culture year after year through effective workforce engagement, a focus on behaviours (not just compliance), and leading a proactive safety message throughout the business.  

We are delighted to see how Westpark Fitness have grown their safety culture over the last 5 years, and a score of ‘4’ in 2022 is a testament to their hard-working and people-focused team.” 

Dr Paul Cummins, Managing Director, SeaChange Ltd. 

Westpark Fitness 2022 SABRE™ Safety Culture Audit Score 

Per annum, SeaChange carries out 1,000+ audits globally across a wide range of sectors. In 2022, Westpark Fitness scored ‘4’ on the SeaChange SABRE™ Safety Culture audit. This is an exceptional score and places Westpark Fitness in the top 5% of SeaChange audit scores in 2022 which is a great result. 

A SABRE™ Safety Culture audit of ‘4’ reflects an ‘Active’ safety culture onsite where good communication channels are in place and frontline staff work with management to improve health and safety on a routine basis.  

There is a key focus on building personal responsibility and local ownership for safety within the business, and the dominant workforce attitude is one of cooperation: “We all need to work together to ensure our people and customers feel safe.”  

Contact SeaChange today to begin your Safety Culture Journey and see a tangible return on your investment.

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