Dr Paul Cummins Speaks at Hovione’s Global Safety Week 

December 20, 2022

1 min read

SeaChange MD Dr Paul Cummins was invited to be a guest speaker at Hovione’s Global Safety Week earlier this month. Paul spoke about how to ‘Lead a Sustainable Safety Culture in the Pharmaceutical Industry’.  

Paul’s speaking engagement began with the fact that Pharmaceutical organisations often spearhead safety investment and performance; however, despite the significant investment many Pharmaceutical companies make in health and safety, they still experience unsafe behaviours, related near misses and incidents in the workplace. 

Paul noted that often Pharmaceutical organisations hit a stumbling block in their safety performance because they do not know how to grow and sustain their safety culture through a people-based approach. 

Paul then introduced the SeaChange Safety Culture Growth Model©and outlined the 5 Phases of Growth for organisations over time. Paul presented how measuring the core attitudes that lead to unsafe behaviours in the workplace is the key starting point to transforming safety culture over time in any Pharmaceutical organisation. 

Paul spoke about SeaChange’s experience in partnering with several leading Pharmaceutical companies to amplify their existing safety systems and support their vision to become a global leader in safety culture performance. 

Paul detailed ways in which Pharmaceutical organisations can increase safe behaviours in the workplace through engagement methods, transparent communication, and establishing real, local ownership from the ground up. 

SeaChange is engaged in helping organisations in different industries overcome safety culture challenges, transform habits, amplify the effectiveness of their existing safety systems, and sustain safety culture advancement through a people-focused approach. 

Using our experience and expertise, we have designed bespoke systems and solutions that transform organisational safety culture and benefit everyone in the workplace. 

Book your free consultation with our SeaChange experts today and learn more about safety culture and its sustainable implementation within your business. 

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