SeaChange Enjoy a Team Day of Fun at Zero Latency! 

December 21, 2022

1 min read

SeaChange love to treat our innovative and hard-working team where possible, and this month we had a fantastic team day at Zero Latency in Dublin! 

Zero Latency offers an arena-scale virtual reality experience that uses a unique combination of technology and pure imagination to transport people into fun social games & immersive group experiences

Our team was divided into sub-groups, where we put on the VR headset, strapped on the backpack, and picked up the controller. Our team was then transported into the virtual world, where we were free to move and explore within an incredibly immersive experience. The goal for our team was to work together to stop a zombie apocalypse! 

We had a great experience and would recommend Zero Latency to anyone who wants to have fun with their colleagues! After stopping the zombie apocalypse, we all went to have a lovely meal to celebrate our business and our excellent staff who are the backbone of the highly reputable SeaChange brand! 

At SeaChange, we value the importance of team-building activities and seize every opportunity to engage our diverse and talented team of safety experts in different versions of them. 

We truly believe in the ability of such activities to help our employees work more effectively, as team members develop positive relationships and may feel comfortable sharing their ideas and solving problems creatively. 

If you think If you think you’re an energetic, self-motivated, and creative team player, join our team of experts and become part of our learning-friendly, rapidly evolving company. 

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